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l Rigging

l Electronics AC/DC

l Hardware

l Painting

l Sails

l Plumbing

l Detailing & Brightwork

l Engines

l Subscription Plans

l Consulting

l Diving




l Running Rigging

      l Halyards

      l Runners

      l Sheets & Guys

l Standing Rigging

      l Roller Furlers

      l Shrouds, Fore & Back Stays

      l Rig Tuning

l Dock Lines

l Splicing

l Lifelines

l Stanchions

l Turn Buckles

l Blocks

l Line Clutches

l Jib Tracks

l Main Travelers

l Winches

l Mast Stepping


Electronics AC/DC Back to Top

l Electrolysis Prevention

l Shipboard Computer

l Navigation Software

l Batteries

l Inverters/Chargers

l Circuit Breaker Panels

l Stereos

l GPS Navigation

l UHF/VHF Radios

l Radar

l Compasses

l Lighting

     l Running Lights

     l Cockpit Lights

     l Cabin Lights

l Instruments

    l Depth Sounders

     l Knot Meters

     l Wind Meters


Hardware Back to Top

l Blocks

l Clutches

l Shackles

l Tracks

l Travelers

l Winches & Servicing

     l Barient

     l Lewmar

     l Harken

l Windlasses


Painting Back to Top

l Deck

l Non-Skid

l Hull

l Bottom

l Part Spraying

l Burnishing


Sails Back to Top

l Drying

l New Estimates

l Storage

l Repair Services

l Replacement Services


Plumbing Back to Top

l Head Work

l Through Hulls

l Macerators

l Bilge Pump Installation & Servicing

l Check Valves

l Galley Stoves

l Tanks

l Water

l Fuel

l Holding Tanks


Detailing & Brightwork (Click here to learn more)

l Top Sides Detailing

l Interior Detailing

l Brass Polishing

l Stainless Polishing

l Chrome Polishing

l Varnish


Engines Back to Top

l Gas/Diesel

l Inboards

l Winterizing

l Oil Changes


Subscription Plans (click here to learn more)

l Monthly preventative maintenance

l Regular diving

l On going detailing


Consulting (click here to learn more)

l Do it your self to save on cost

l Learn the trick of the trade

l rent my tools to save even more

l Supplement with Celebration Boatworks labor and get it done quick



Diving (click here to learn more)

l Underwater inspection

l Zinc replacement

l Bottom cleaning

l Dropped item retrieval



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Affordable Boat Maintenance & Repair

Fully Licensed & Insured

Jared Hickman, Owner

Celebration Boatworks

114 240th St. SE

Bothell, WA 98021